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Pine sawyer beetles are referred to by many different names, but are relatively easy to diagnose in a tree. These large beetles come from large larvae, which is the stage that does the damages the tree. The larvae (grubs) chomp away and create an audible 'crunch' as they infest the tree. When standing near the tree on a quiet evening this can be easily heard, even across the yard in our experience, giving away the infestation. The large adults then leave large, round exit holes when they emerge from the tree after pupating.

The adult beetles are also easy to identify with a white spot at the top of the wing union, as seen in this photo. They are grey with long antennae and a metallic shimmer. Sometimes the entire back will have small white spots, sometimes it will be uniformly grey, but there will always be a white spot on the thorax.

These beetles affect pine and other coniferous tree species, and often infest a tree after it has already been weakened by age, environment or damage. Often the tree is not worth salvaging at this point but there are methods of removal for special circumstances.

​Sawyer Beetles