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You wake up to find a bear in the back yard. It happens. What do you do?! Call us, we'll talk you through it. 705-286-BUGS (2874) or send us an email, we can help identify what's pestering you.

Raccoons, skunks, bears, squirrels, groundhogs, whatever is pestering you, we can help! With a licensed trapper on staff and many years of experience, we can rid any animal from your yard, home, cottage etc. The cost to remove nuisance wildlife is completely dependent on the circumstances. For simpler relocations, such as flying squirrels, the cost averages $50-100/visit depending on location and ease of trap access. Contact us today to discuss your situation and we'll help you figure out a personalized solution. Our assessment will always include tactics for exclusion to make sure the access points are permanently sealed. We also do clean outs for full service, worry-free wildlife eradication.

You never know what can come from a simple question! One of our customers originally came to us with an issue of woodpeckers. Relentless, noisy, destructive woodpeckers that were creating holes in the outside of his cottage. Eager to help him out and unbelievably curious, we assessed the damages, asked all sorts of questions, identified the type of woodpecker (pileated - just like Woody) and surmised that the birds were actually after carpenter ants within the walls. We ventured inside to look for carpenter ant evidence, and found galleries in the beams. We treated the ants and the woodpeckers were gone - this happy customer has now been woodpecker (and ant) free for 2 years!

Wildlife Removal/Exclusion