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Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to control with DIY measures, but it can be done if the infestation is light and you are willing to purge.

In heavily infested homes, there is generally a piece of furniture that looks like the couch seam in the photo to the left. The brown blobs are bed bugs and and white flecks are eggs. This area won't be easy to find because bed bugs like dark, tight spaces - you can see them jammed into the couch seam as far as they can go - so you may need to tip furniture over to look underneath. The best thing you can do for relief is to dispose of the source of the infestation.

When disposing of anything that may have come into contact with bed bugs, do not sell or donate the items. They should go directly to the dump to avoid moving the problem somewhere else.

Some DIY tips for bed bug control:

- Launder everything possible - bedding, pillows, clothing, curtains, etc. Dry on high heat for an hour to kill the insects.

- Anything that can't be laundered can go in sealed containers for 6 months.

- Vacuum thoroughly and regularly, including behind furniture. Immediately dispose of vacuum bag/contents in a sealed bag and place in outdoor    garbage area.

- Purge any old furnishings or items in closets that are not needed.

- Tidy clutter and dispose of non-essential paperwork, books, etc.

​How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

- Consider areas you or other house members frequent - vehicles, work, school for potential sources of introduction or alternate populations.

- Kill any bed bugs you see. One impregnated female can start a population without the presence of a male.
- Extreme cold will not kill bed bugs. They can withstand -20 degree temperatures for weeks on end.

- Bed bugs don't tend to ride around on pets like fleas. Pet beds can be infested but pets shouldn't need treatment.

- Inspect beds regularly to monitor bed bug presence. For step by step photo instructions check our blog.
- Invest in monitoring devices, traps and mattress/box spring encasements if feasible. Contact us for pricing.

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