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How to Get Rid of Ants

Proper identification is the first step to successful eradication. We have the common ant invaders listed here so you can see exactly what you're dealing with.

The general ant control tips below will help with some or all species.

- Typically smaller ants inside are coming in a steady stream from one exterior point. Follow the ants to their access point and seal it. Wash the outside area with soap and          water to mask the scent trail. Wipe the interior area with bleach. Vinegar can be used as an alternative to soap or bleach.

- Ensure that ground cover/gardens are not concealing any ant entry points.

- Keep kitchen counters clean and sanitized. Limit sugary snacks in bowls and keep garbage and crumbs tidied. 

- Inspect trees/stumps/logs on the property for a colony. Cut and burn as fast as possible in an outdoor fire.

- Trim any tree branches touching the house and prune vegetation on the ground to keep it away from walls.

- Limit peony flowers against the house/cottage.

- Correct any moisture problems - leaky roofs, windows and skylights are the most popular problem areas.

- Avoid direct wood/soil contact - store firewood off the ground, replace wooden steps or retaining walls.

- Remember that ants are colony dwellers so killing individuals may be as effective as you-know-what-ing on a forest fire.

- It is illegal to make your own bait/pesticide (just in case you were expecting a recipe)

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