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There is no denying the 'cool factor' of flying squirrels. They're one of the softest creatures we deal with (though in no way do we recommend handling one!), they're evasive, able to glide silently above our heads and go largely unnoticed. They have big, adorable eyes and more crushing power (PSI) in their jaw than a wolf!

When they are in your ceiling or attic space, they tend to be slightly less evasive and cute. They chew insulation and wiring, like any rodent, and make an absolute mess.

Flying squirrel evictions start with an inspection where we fully assess the situation and first focus on trapping/eviction, then exclusion, ensuring no future rascally rodents can enter through the same area. Cost for wildlife work is highly variable but we can give you a good idea after the inspection, which is generally around $150 plus tax.

Flying Squirrels

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