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The dreaded mosquito. Incessant buzzing, painful bites and itchy sores. We spend so much of the year waiting for the glorious summer months and then we're chased inside by these pesky insects. Not anymore!

Having an ecologist on staff helps us understand the lifecycle and habitat of the pests we battle. When it comes to mosquitoes, habitat reduction is key to eliminating them from your property. The only biting mosquitoes are the adult females, which aren't very strong flyers. They rely on areas of harbourage to move significant distances and reducing this harbourage will push them off your property to bite someone or something else.

Aesthetic improvement is a huge bonus to this service! We'll assess the property with you and discuss ideas, then we manage the vegetation to reduce mosquito habitat and harbourage. The before and after photos below say it all! 

Price for this service is variable but if we are addressing the entire property you can expect it to start around $1200.

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Service