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Some further reading regarding carpenter ants:

Carpenter ants are very common structural invaders in cottage country and are the insect that has the highest potential to damage our homes, cottages and other buildings. They do this by chewing galleries for shelter and nesting, much like a comprehensive road network. There are two types of carpenter ant colonies which should be discussed. The first is the primary colony, typically found in a dead tree, an old stump or somewhere else outside. From there, satellite colonies are established for reproductive purposes. The satellite colonies are the ones that tend to make their way into homes and cottages.

Carpenter ants search for different types of food throughout the year and tend to become nocturnal in the 'dog days' of summer. This explains why they're around sometimes but then we don't see any for a long while. This is misleading because we think the problem has sorted itself out. In reality, a carpenter ant colony is typically in a structure for 3-4 years before a single ant is ever spotted. By this time, alarming damage could have already occurred. Early warning signs you can watch for are piles of wood 'frass' which resemble pencil shavings.

Let's get to some good news - we can help! Carpenter ant treatments are very thorough as the satellite colonies can be difficult to find. Interior and exterior treatments are available, as well as a combination which yields the highest success. Inside we use a natural dust, meaning no harm to you, your kids, pets or the environment. We also aim it well (no need to waste!) inserting as much as possible into walls or crevices where the ant activity is taking place. Then we take it outside and do our best to find the primary colony. We can either treat it or put a barrier around the house to keep them out of the buildings, leaving them free to carry on into the woods in search of food. The full treatment generally runs around $400 and comes with a one year guarantee so you can rest easy knowing your cottage is no longer getting gnawed. 

And now the best part...drumroll please...our 'Neighbourly Love' discount!! If your neighbours are experiencing the same trouble, we'll give you both 15% off the services! To take advantage of the discount or for more information on ants or anything else that's pestering you, contact us today. 

A carpenter ant infestation should not be taken lightly in a wooden structure. The best bet is to call us during the building phase so we can apply a protective treatment that will deter ants from the building. Of course, this isn't always an option but we can always apply an effective treatment. It's worth stating again that by the time an ant is observed inside, the colony has typically been there for 3+ years already. 

We offer a few options for carpenter ants:

1. Interior and exterior - our most extensive treatment option which is guaranteed for the season in most cases. This option is also our best recommendation for those who have found ants or evidence inside. We'll address the ants that are in the house as well as the colony outside (see below for more information). The cost is dependent on the structure but generally starts at $400.

2. Exterior only - we put a barrier around your place to prevent the ants from getting in. Great preventative maintenance, saving you time, money and a whole lot of hassle! Again dependent on structure but starts at $150.

3. Construction phase - we'll apply a protective barrier to the wood to prevent ants from finding their way in. A wise bet for any new home or cottage! Pricing for this service is done on a case-by-case basis because there are so many variables. This is the best treatment option for long-term efficacy.

4. Inspection - carpenter ants can be frustratingly elusive, utilize our trained eyes and get yourself some peace of mind. A great option for anyone looking to sell/purchase a wood home or cottage. From $100.

5. Chemical free option! We can treat carpenter ant colonies without harsh chemicals depending on the time of year and degree of infestation. There are several ways to do this so the best bet for a small colony is to contact us to discuss.

Carpenter Ants