Bird Control

One of the greatest things about spring is the return of the birds and their cheerful chirps. Most will agree that it's lovely to have birds in the yard or visiting a nearby feeder, but when they are too close or there are too many, they are downright dirty. 

We have helped a local business with so many birds roosting on the roof, their feathers clogged the exhaust fans and contaminated the air inside. We were called to a cottage where renters were reacting to something in bedrooms on one side of the building. Upon close inspection, there were thousands of bird mites originating from a nest on the wall outside! We even have a solution for the birds, geese and ducks that poop on your docks and rafts!

In most scenarios birds can be controlled in a non-lethal manner. We install deterrents to keep them off your property and send them elsewhere. They have wings, they may as well use them! Price is entirely dependent on the situation and the type of control that will work best. We have a number of options to discuss, just tell us the situation and we'll come up with a customized solution!

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