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​Ants in the Kitchen

There are two main species of ants that tend to show up in large numbers in the kitchen.  Carpenter ants can also show up in the kitchen but can be spotted anywhere throughou the house. 

Acrobat ants, shown here against a finger tip, are much smaller than carpenter ants but easy to see. They have a very thin thorax (mid section) and a heart shaped abdomen with a sharp point on their back end. They tend to travel in a steady line and are often spotted in the kitchen.

Pharaoh ants are not pictured here because they are really, really, ridiculously small. They're almost microscopic but they share a lot of behavioural traits with acrobat ants. They arrive in the kitchen in huge numbers and often in a steady line. The size will give it away though. 

For more ant diagnostics check out our ant page to know what you're looking at, and how we can help get rid of them!